Back To Bhopal

After the exhibition at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai, that attracted around 2000 visitors in only one week, it was great to return to Bhopal.

Before the Bhopalis left Mumbai, we took them out to India Gate and then to a great little Moghul restaurant in Colaba, recommended by our good friend Suraj who also joined us. A few days later, after the exhibition was packed up, we followed on the same train journey back to Bhopal.

It was so great to be back, after nearly two years since taking the Bhopal: Facing 30 portraits. Very emotional indeed. Funny to hear that people are still calling the Nawab Clinic the ‘Nawab Studio’. We spent most of our time in the community visiting people, as well as planning a new collaboration with Sambhavna, and as such this is a picture-heavy post.

It was very sad to leave, but we know we’ll be back soon. And before we were sent on our again, we were treated to one hell of a scrumptious feast at Iqbal Bhai’s house.

As Deven so wisely said as he put us back on the bus to Mumbai, “I won’t miss you, I will wait”. Wish I could agree, but I think I will definitely miss everyone.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.



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