Bhopal Survivors Visit Jehangir Exhibition

Images © Lorenza Ippolito and Francesca Moore

It was wonderful to welcome Iqbal Khan, Mohammad Shafiq and Nusrat Jahan – three campaigning Bhopal disaster survivors – to the Jehangir Art Gallery on Thursday, and thanks to each of them for making the long journey to be there. We have had many visitors to the gallery, and being in a prime location we are able to engage hundreds of people a day with the issues of Bhopal. Iqbal, Shafiq and Nusrat are just few of the many hundreds and thousands of people still fighting for justice; to have the place they live in cleaned up from the toxic chemical waste that Union Carbide have polluted their homes with, and Dow Chemical are still now polluting, and they deserve all the support they can get to make their voices heard.

It was such an honour to have them in the gallery for two days – so thanks to Sathyu Sarangi (Sambhavna Trust Clinic, Managing Trustee) and Vivek Sundara (a long-time campaigner for Bhopal) for making that happen too.

We have captured some video footage of the event, and that will be edited shortly, but for now we will concentrate on raising awareness until the Jehangir exhibition closes 8 December. Until then, we are open 11am – 7pm daily. Thanks to everyone that has come to the exhibition so far, and if you haven’t made it yet please do come along.


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One response to “Bhopal Survivors Visit Jehangir Exhibition”

  1. hanbarker says :

    congratulations Fran & Lorenza. really wonderful to see these photos of your guests of honour. best wishes from Brighton.

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