All Images © Lorenza Ippolito & Francesca Moore

It seems a lot has happened since the last post, and a lot of time has passed too. We’ve finished shooting, every family has received a print, and sadly the Nawab studio is no longer.

It was a very busy few days after the previous post. We were inundated by visitors at the studio, and had such queues that the studio entrance resembled more a bustling Sunday market. By midday we were having to cap numbers so we had time to shoot every family before we gathered the next crowd of people collecting prints. Day by day we did this, then returned to Sambhavna to process the files, made a late night run to the Syanko lab for prints, then bed. Not much time for anything else.

On one occasion the power in the studio had been fluctuating on and off all day. Apparently it’s common for people to steal the power supply, so when they stop it can spike dramatically. Unfortunately, despite surge protection, this caused three of my plugs to blow at once; laptop and two AA chargers. Luckily all replaceable at a cost, and thanks to a kind solutions expert at KNS (recommended for anyone that needs a mac specialist in Bhopal) I was able to purchase his own personal mac lead second hand when he didn’t have one in stock.

There are several colonies around the Carbide wall, and over 140,00 people I’m told. With the popularity of the studio increasing we have comfortably exceeded the expected target as per number of families photographed. Each morning our waiting crowd would increase and eventually we had to say enough is enough. The crowd was beginning to impose problems for the health workers whose workspace we’d invaded, and with word of the photographs spreading so quickly they were concerned of the problems escalating. So on our final day the Hindi sign on the door said ‘No More Photo’s Tomorrow’. We later heard that at 5am the following morning 30 families showed up. It’s sad I couldn’t photograph them, but we had to stop somewhere.


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4 responses to “”

  1. syedtariqibrahim says :

    Nice work Francesca.. Sad its over.. always wished to visit studio and learn more about project but unfortunately couldn’t make it.. coz of some occupancies..

    • francescamoore says :

      Hey, Thanks for taking an interest in the project whilst we were there… Unfortunately the studio was very busy, and although I would have loved to have kept going, we finished ahead of schedule. Hope you get to see the work at another point. Best, Francesca.

  2. Helen & Paul Futter says :

    WOW so neat to read all about it!
    Thinking of you
    Helen & Paul

    • francescamoore says :

      Helen & Paul, Sorry for delay but thanks for following the blog! There’s been lots of new and exciting updates recently… Haven’t forgotten you guys and it was great to meet you both in Bhopal!

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